About Us

Determined to save my Type II husband's life, I opened our first Diabetic Depot store 10 years ago (Our Bakery opened 9 years ago).

As the person who loves to cook and prepares most of our meals, I felt responsible for his diabetes diagnosis. It was heartbreaking watching his reaction to his blood sugar meter readings, which were almost always high, or higher than normal...followed by the question "what did I eat that could have put it up?".....This was even after we had taken the diabetes education classes.

It was not until we focused on his carbohydrates intake, in combination with a walking regime, that we were able to take control of his disease. Making small alterations in his diet has resulted in our whole family being healthier. The other benefit I did not anticipate was that our monthly food bill went down as we were not eating the kinds of foods that had contributed to his diabetes.

Most diabetics do not like to talk about it, or even think that it as a disease. But, it is the silent killer.

What kind of diabetic are you? Are you the one that does nothing to change what you eat, trying to control your blood sugars through medication, changing them when they no longer are effective. This path leads down a road of serious health consequences.

The changes we had to make were simple...changes that really should have been a part of healthy eating anyway.

My husband chooses life......so does his family.....what do you choose?

Brenda Hill